About Us

Our Mission

The Weight Loss & Diabetes Center’s mission is to help as many people as we can to lose weight and keep it off, as well as to prevent and reverse diabetes.

Our Focus

The Weight Loss & Diabetes Center’s focus is primarily behavioral, encompassing psychology and nutrition, as research has shown for decades that behavioral methodologies are the key to permanent weight loss.

Extreme diets, extreme exercise, and supplements lacking scientific validity are not supported by the center.

Weight loss medications can be a temporary, short-term aid for weight loss and we do prescribe them in some cases but medications are not the focus of our center.


Dr. Christopher Mosunic, PhD, RD, CDE, MBA


Dr. Mosunic is responsible for the managing the center team and day to day operations. Dr. Mosunic is a licensed doctor of clinical psychology, a masters-level registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, and an MBA. Dr. Mosunic received his MS in human nutrition sciences at Tufts, his doctorate in clinical psychology at Vanderbilt, and his MBA at Yale.