Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes Treatment

We specialize in helping people lose weight when they have pre-diabetes, early stage Type 2 Diabetes, impaired fasting glucose or insulin resistance. This is included in our normal, customized programming.

By meeting with our dietitian-psychologist and/or nurse practitioner, three-quarters of our clients are able to reduce or eliminate at least one diabetes medication after twelve weeks of treatment.

We assist with glucose monitoring, preventing hypoglycemia, and avoiding binge eating. Our team looks to find the hidden causes of diabetes/obesity as well, such as medication-induced weight gain and sleep disorders. We also tease apart whether disordered eating patterns, such as intensive cravings or binge eating, are biological or physiological.

Our team always works with your physician, nurse practitioner or any other health care practitioner you see. We are a partner in your weight loss journey and look to collaborate as often as possible. The more experts we have helping you, the better. If you are in need of expertise outside our scope of treatment, such as an endocrinologist or sleep study specialist, we will provide you with a direct personal referral to a provider we know and trust.