You don’t have to have diabetes to be treated at the center

The most commonly asked questions we hear: Why not just call yourself “The Weight Loss Center”? What’s with the “Diabetes” part? I don’t have diabetes, so can you help me?

YES! Let’s talk about the “D-word”, diabetes. Half of American adults have diabetes or prediabetes and the numbers are climbing. Chances are you have the genes and will develop prediabetes or diabetes if your weight goes up.

The advances we’ve made in weight loss strategies for both nutrition and medication can largely be attributed to our being able to better understand diabetes. Losing weight means either preventing diabetes or treating diabetes. They are connected for all of us.

So you will hear quite a bit about diabetes when you come to the weight loss and diabetes center, as it’s pertinent to every American but especially us Mainers who have a very high incidence of undiagnosed prediabetes/diabetes.

When you meet with Dr. Mosunic, you might hear him say things like, “you’re on the diabetes continuum, just like me”. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t know that obesity “causes” diabetes. Science hasn’t uncovered whether weight gain precedes problems with blood sugar or if problems with blood sugar precedes weight gain. Any way you look at it though, addressing blood sugar control is pivotal to EVERYBODY who wants to lose weight, whether they have diabetes or not.

Every scientific weight loss program now focuses on managing stable blood sugar levels. They often don’t use the word “diabetes”, however, for fear of scaring away potential customers. The Weight Loss & Diabetes Center, however, embraces the D-word! Our mission is to help all people struggling with weight, to prevent diabetes, and to reverse the diabetes epidemic.