Weight Loss Treatment

Individualized Care

The Weight Loss & Diabetes Center customizes each client’s diet, behavioral strategies, and medical plan using the shared decision-making approach, which includes the patient, to meet their weight loss needs.

The Mediterranean Diet

You can lower your blood sugar to a safer level and lose weight with the same diet. Many of us fear having to adhere to a special diet that is both complicated and depriving. A good diet is neither of those things. Instead, it is a diet with which you can live, and one that is acceptable and satisfying enough to become not only part of your lifestyle, but part of your family’s as well.

The Mediterranean diet is the core of the weight loss and diabetes centers’ nutrition program. We individualize the Mediterranean diet to each person’s goals and preferences, always incorporating the basics of healthy eating, such as vegetables and olive oil, but perhaps a glass of wine or two.

The Mediterranean diet has deep research behind it showing that it reduces the risk of heart disease, cardiovascular mortality, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer, but especially breast cancer.

We modify the Mediterranean diet to match the speed at which a person wants to lose. In the beginning, our patients often want a kick start to regain their confidence and achieve a win. We match aspects of the Mediterranean diet to a person’s exercise regimen and shift components of the diet as a person reaches their goal weight.

The Mediterranean diet can also be easily modified to match the medical components of our program or individual food allergies and/or preferences.

Most importantly, the Mediterranean diet is delicious, making it easy to stick to for the rest of your life. We will teach you all you need to know for a lifetime of healthy eating.