Weight Loss Treatment

Keto Kick Start

The Weight Loss & Diabetes Center customizes each client’s diet, behavioral strategies, and medical plan using the shared decision-making approach, which includes the patient, to meet their weight loss needs. Over the years, we have found that when a person signs up for any weight loss program, their motivation is high and they want to see results fast. In other words, they want a “kick start”.

Stage one is a kick start and stage two transitions you to a more sustainable, more enjoyable, more balanced way of eating, living, exercising, and being. Some people will stay in the kick start phase for as little as 3 hours and then transition out. Others will take days or months to transition out.

In stage one, we will closely guide you through the dietary strategy, which will be largely composed of natural, whole foods. There’s no need to count calories, protein exchanges or anything else.

Ketogenic strips

If you’re doing the keto kick start, there’s only one way to know if you’re actually in ketosis: it’s using ketogenic urine testing strips. As unappealing as the process may sound, strips are not something you use very often.

Basically, if you want to know if you are in ketosis, you use a strip. More importantly, if you want to know if a food knocked you out of ketosis, simply eat the food in isolation and use the strip 30 minutes later. Strips are inexpensive and easy to find in any drug store. Here’s a quick link on Amazon to find them:

Ketogenic strips on Amazon


Transition to a Lifelong Way of Eating

You can lower your blood sugar to a safer level and lose weight with the same diet. Many of us fear having to adhere to a special diet that is both complicated and depriving. A good diet is neither of those things. Instead, it is a diet with which you can live, and one that is acceptable and satisfying enough to become not only part of your lifestyle, but part of your family’s as well.

We think of carbs as being “short, medium or long.” This classification is your new framework for future meal planning and food intake. We’ll help you understand the difference between these carb types, and combine them correctly to bring about hunger management, weight loss, and control of your blood sugar levels.

Carbs are in everything from broccoli to ice cream. Carbs are in all plant matter, from the seedling of a stalk of wheat to the white bread that results after processing and cooking the mature wheat grains. Carbs are in everything from candy, on one extreme, to kale, on the other. One type of carb will raise your blood sugar and promote weight gain, and another type will have minimal, virtually unnoticeable effects on your blood sugar, and will not result in weight gain. Making this dietary alteration will change your life–so much so that you can measure the results in pounds and inches.

We’ll teach you all you need to know.