Weight Loss Medication Prerequisites

Weight Loss Medication Prerequsites

In some circumstances, the Weight Loss & Diabetes Center team will prescribe weight loss medication, as indicated by the joint guidelines of the The Obesity Society and The Endocrine Society. In such circumstances, we want to know that the patient is medically safe for weight loss medication and require:

  1. A history & physical, EKG appointment with our Nurse Practitioner (1 hour)
  2. A blood test

Blood Test

Our team team will send a laboratory order to Maine Health’s NorDx Labs, so that you can go to the NorDx lab closest to where you live and work, where you will have a fasting blood test performed. When you go to the lab, they will have your prescription in the system. After the test, the results will be electronically forwarded to the weight loss and diabetes center.

To see a list a list of Maine Health NorDx lab locations (aka patient service centers) and make an appointment, click here.

Please note, the weight loss and diabetes center does not charge for laboratory services. Maine Health NorDx will bill your insurance company directly.

Prior Tests you Don’t Need to Repeat

If you have had one of the following tests done in the past year, please email or fax them to us prior to your appointment.

  1. Electrocardiogram
  2. Laboratory results from within a year, which MUST include the following tests:
    • Comprehensive Metabolic Profile
    • Lipid Profile
    • Hemoglobin A1C
    • Insulin
    • CBC w/Diff.
    • Vitamin B12
    • Vitamin D, 25-OH
    • Thyroid Profile (TSH, free T4)